The Most Advanced
Race Prediction Ai 

Artificial Intelligence Analyses 100 data points Via neural network proving to  return in excess of 1,000% R.O.I per month.

Our Ai Takes Your Race Results to Pro Level

We are a team of passionate racing enthusiasts and IT experts with a belief that analyzing racing Data is too hard and time-consuming for most.


By having AI to do this, racing results are more rewarding financially for our members.

Data Analytics Modernization

Algorithm analyzes 100 data statistics computed with precision by Ai.

Mentorship &


We supply Top predictions, plus advise how to trade to capitalize on the returns.

Leading by 


QuantixAi is different from other racing services due to our unrivaled strike rate. 


Results in Advance

An industry first. Win first then pay with small percentage of profits only.

Unprecedented Data. Impeccable Reliability.

Our A.i finds patterns in inconsistent data. This kind of analysis is difficult using traditional computation methods as the data will naturally be misleading and incomplete. Our Ai coupled with “machine learning” identifies potential winners by mimicking biological systems.

An Artificial Neural Network is data-driven. Input data is a large corpus of race statitics. The key, deciding on which metrics to include in the input data such as win % /over X number of races, gender, trainer, jockey, going, etc. 

The sheer amount of data would take humans months to analyze, which Ai can do in only hours.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers

Results are updated every 4 trading cycles being 28 days. Statistics published represent from 17/03/21 until 18/04/21.


Trading Days






Strike Rate


ROI Achieved

Trade Types

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QuantixAi Treble Trade.PNG
QuantixAi Four-Fold Trade.PNG

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Results?

Our Ai crunches through hundreds of metrics and tests the results with our own Neural Network. The system constantly refines itself with the aim of developing a pattern that supplies profitable high-performing predictions over the long term. 




In developing service as QuantixAi. Our goal is to make horse racing financially rewarding for all our members.

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