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Why Us?

Unrivaled Analysis

Our unique rating system calculates the capability of each horse and jockey combination in the context of each individual race card and then balances a myriad of other metrics to deliver highly accurate ratings for every horse.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Using our data-based network we offer returns in excess of 500% R.O.I per month and a Win rate of over 85%. In addition, more than 45% of our selections are priced at higher than 8/1. And our average winning odds are at 4/1.

Machine Learning

Our learning algorithm balances output from a multitude of ratings derived from 500 data points to produce the very best predicted outcomes for every race on the days' race card. It then cross-checks to insure the odds are of value.

Result In Advance

We believe in giving our members the utmost service coupled with transparency. We also believe that too many services online are focused more on their monthly membership fees than actual results. This is why we offer Results-in-Advance.

Commitment & Promise to Members 

We are committed to offering the highest standard of race predictions. Coupled with professional support, staking advice & financial compound investment training. 

Our Promise





In developing service as QuantixAi. Our goal is to make horse racing financially rewarding for all our members.

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