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October 20th, 2014

Core Values!

Results In Advance

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Professional Mentorship

If your tipsters are able to predict winners consistently then why the need to charge upfront? Why not offer some form of a win-win partnership. At QuantixAi we are the only racing service that takes a fee-only after you make a Profit on a No Win No Fee basis.

At QuantixAi. We not only do all the research for you. Supply Top Ai predictions of the day. We also inform you with every prediction in how you should trade it to capitalize on its odds. Plus, we have a Pro trader live online throughout the days racing.

Knowledge is power. Especially in horseracing, that's why we help you daily live online. Our resident Pro trader has over 25 years of experience in the horse racing industry. He is also a full-time trader and in fact the developer of our AI racing Predictor.

Frequently asked questions

Whats Included at QuantixAi?

Everything! And more than any service online today: No membership fee No "Monthly Recurring Fee Access to all predictions for 7-days Professional trading advice Progressive compound staking tool Starting balance covered against losses

Really! No-Win No-Fee?

Yes! 100% Guaranteed: No-Win No-Fee. At QuantixAi we are the only racing service that takes a fee only after you make a Profit. If for any reason at the end of 7 days of trading your original £100 starting balance is less, then we will refund you your loses 100% in full.

Whats the main Rules?

Rules! Are there for profitable trading outcomes: Prepared to go through training Trade Only Published Predictions Follow the "Trading Instructions" fully Do not side gamble Practice discipline That's it! Follow these simple rules & you will Win

Whats a Trading Cycle?

Trading Cycle! Is deemed as any 7 days where you receive predictions: So we can the highest form of support. Memberships are capped to 25 members over any given 7-day trading cycle.

Must I do the training?

100% Yes. If you are not prepared to learn the skills to trade professionally you need not request to Join. Every "Successful" organization is constructed on solid foundations with a 4-corner column of support system. QuantixAi enlists this same structure within its member progression. Proving a success rate of development that boasts 90% of members trading full-time within 90 days.

When am I charged?

Simple! At the end of the last race on the final day of the trading cycle: We supply "Full cycle report" Profit statement We request 25% of your profit Payment made by Midnight (GMT+1) Supply screenshot transfer receipt Online Transfer by Western Union Or MoneyGram

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