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Since 2014, QuantixAi has provided race predictions. Ai automated algorithms are the secret behind our success.


  • Easy as 1,2,3

    Stop paying. For "Tipster services and/or Data platforms" our Ai does the hard work for you. Leaving you to check the days' predictions. Trade & collect your profits. 

  • Results in Advance

    No Win-No Fee. With our "RIA Method" unlike other services or indeed platform suppliers. At QuantixAi we believe in results and providing them first & foremost.

  • Trading Cycle

    Membership operate over "7-Day Cycles" A cycle is 7 trading days. A trading day is prediction/s supplied. After 7 trading days are completed then a new cycle commences.

  • 75/25% Share

    Our fee is "Percentage" based on profits-only achieved. The member retains 75.00% & QuantixAi invoice for 25.00% of the gross profit occurred through the trading cycle.

Horse Race



In developing service as QuantixAi. Our goal is to make horse racing financially rewarding for all our members.

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