Our Mision

Our mission -offer the best performing selections. Plus vital education for members in becoming financially secure!

How It Works

Mission is to offer not only high-performing predictions. But trading education to help members become financially secure trading in horseracing!


Membership is capped at 50 members over any given 7-day cycle. Trading days are deemed as days supplied with prediction/s.

There is no contract or monthly membership fee.


Our fee is a 25.00% share on profits only achieved by our predictions over any 7-day trading cycle. 

An Industry First - Results in Advance (RIA)

The Results in Advance (RIA) method is designed to build faith by providing value before charging,


Guaranteed almost every racing enthusiast has received at least a dozen “stellar opportunities” from tipster and/or platform services promising to take their results to new heights.


All request money in advance with no real apparent guarantee that the investment will produce results, most in 73% fail to perform. 


We created a service that offers our members results first - known as the RIA method, based on the strength of our proven results.

100% Risk-Free

RIA System





In developing service as QuantixAi. Our goal is to make horse racing financially rewarding for all our members.

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