With 200% ROI achieved in level 1. You arrive using “Bookmaker money” of £100. At his level, you're mentored by an experienced member, while still attending the live trading group to increase your trading standards and achieving an ROI of 1,440%.


28-Days Trading



What We Expect

  • Discipline. Trade Ai predictions exclusively. Continually reassesses personal strengths. Master self-control & focus on the goals.

  • Observation. Accept instant gratification is rarely achieved. Self-Control & Heightened Awareness; reacts with equanimity.


  • Commitment. Understanding the importance of these rules, and how they work together, helps a trader establish a viable trading business & odds of success.

Your Targets


What We Give

  • Blueprint. We supply every tool ever need. It’s easy. Just “Follow Us” you will receive, Ai predictions, trade advice, staking tool, live support & trading platform.

  • Mentorship. Each day within our WhatsApp group, you have access to us over the shoulder guidance from our resident PRO Trader 25 years’ of experience.

  • Results. We operate an industry first with our “Results-In-Advance” we win when you do, and you pay only for results. Ultimately your results depend on your commitment.


  • You do not need to be smarter than average, but you do need to be careful and patient as a trader. Experience and knowledge will almost always beat out 'smarts' when it comes to trading. Anyone can trade. Trading is never easy, but it does not require exceptional intelligence either.